Boeotia (Archaic Greece), c. 800 BC


This painting is based on the Archaic Greek culture of the time of Homer. The central figure is based on one from a large funerary jar. The diamond pattern is one associated with the fertility of the seeded earth, with each seed getting its allotted space. Within her is a jar, which is both womb and funeral urn. There is a long funeral procession making its way up her right side to the mouth of the jar, where the dead are received. Sea life arises within her and swims out into the sea. One of her breasts fills the jar and the other creates a stream which waters the landscape, in which cows graze and grain is harvested. Her wings tie her to the waterbirds on her left shoulder and on her right shoulder forest animals graze in her presence. The Greek key surrounding the painting is a symbol of the never beginning, never ending cycle of life.

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